What is your name?
LeBron Wang
Jack Jia
Patrick Fu
Albert Zhu
Manson Xing
Candy Liu
What grade are in?
10 , Candy is Junior 3
What are you planning to study in college?
Lebron--I want to study psychology.
Jack--I want to study law.
Patrick--I want to study engineering design.
Albert--I want to study law.
Maoson--I want to study social.
Candy--I want to study Fashion design.
What is one problem in the world that you can help solve by studying more in college?
Lebron--I hope I can help people who have mental problem.
Jack--I want to edit perfect law.
Albert--i want to make everyone know the law.
Manson--I want to know how to talk to each other.
Candy--i want to research anything what can hep me in my life.
What are your dreams for the future?
Lebron--I want to be a psychological doctor.

Jack--I want to be a lawyer.

Patrick--I want to make gundam.

Albert--I want to be a lawyer.

Manson--I want to wake the Rock in China.

Candy--I want to be a housewife.