What is your name?

Our name is Jason, Linda, Ryan, Joanna, Zack

What grade are in?

We are all in grade 10 in Beijing Royal School

What are you planning to study in college?

Jason - I'm not sure but I want to study about Business, Economics and about Cars or Music

Linda - I want to learn Chemistry and music

Ryan - I want to study Biology about human body

Joanna - I want to study about engineering

Zack - I want to study about IT (Information Technology)

What are your dreams for the future?

Jason - I want to be a business man or something about cars or shoes...

Linda - My dream is to be a teacher to teach the piano or maybe to be a business woman

Ryan - My dream is to be a Doctor

Joanna - I want to set up my own office which is about architecture

Zack - I want to be a Programmer

What is one problem in the world that you can help solve by studying more in college?

Jason - I want to save economic problem and Problem of Unemployment in Korea or US

Linda - Maybe I would solve environment problems in China.

Ryan - I want to make people's life longer

Joanna - I deem that there is no more good quality building in the world.

Zack - I can help to solve reduce work force.