A trail through the mountains, if used, becomes a path in a short time, but, if unused, becomes blocked by grass in an equally short time. ~Mencius

Facilitated by Hiller Spires

Application of PBI by Content Area: ENGLISH

PBI Compelling Question: How can the application of metaphor within a student-generated digital product support Chinese speakers acquisition and production of English?

Learning Outcomes for this PBI
  • Content Objective – You will recognize and explain a metaphor from a favorite literary work.
  • Language Objective – You will be able to use a metaphor (as you speak clearly and loudly in English) as you design and video your booktalk.
Tools Used for this PBI

I. Beginning with the End in Mind: Here are Sample Booktalks

Voice is a Powertool
Silence is a Prison

To view more booktalks, click here.

II. What is a Metaphor and how is it used to advance literary thinking?

1. Let's use http://www.visuwords.com to examine the word " metaphor "
2. How does metaphor fit with other types of Figurative Language?

III. In Groups of 4-5, Create Your Booktalk:
1. Select a book for which you would like to create a booktalk.

(Each group has 25 minutes to create a booktalk, Steps 2-5)
2. Decide on a prevailing metaphor related to the book.
3. Storymap the plan for your 1-minute video.
4. Use a Flip camera to video your booktalk. Your video should be 1 minute or less.

IV. Publish and Share Your Booktalks
Upload your booktalk to newlitcollaborative.ning.org and post a response to at least one colleague's video.

V. Reflection
Discuss your answer to our PBI Compelling Question: How can the application of metaphor within a student-generated digital product support Chinese speakers acquisition and production of English?

English Resources

Resources for AP English Language - College Board

Resources for AP Chinese Language and Culture - College Board

Resources from Ms. Linton in the US:

Voice of America: Learning English Activities
In these voiced lessons students can practice using the building blocks (nouns, subject/verb agreement, sentence structure) of English. The lessons are differentiated for beginner, intermediate and advanced.

Professional Organizations for Teaching English Language Learners

Using Wikis in the English class

Teaching Online Reading Comprehension

1. File Organization and Software Selection
2. Image Selection and Manipulation
3. Online Search Skills
4. Critical Evaluation of Online Resources
5. Copyright and Citation for Online Resources

Key References
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